'Musty, earthy' taste in tap water continues in Beaufort

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- The "musty" and "earthy" taste and odor for people on{}Beaufort-Jasper Waterand Sewer Authority's water system is safe to drink.

According to BJWSA officials, the water's taste and color is caused by algae in the reservoir and canal. Crews are working to remove the odor, but it's unclear how long customers will have the off-putting water smell.{}

"The situation is dynamic and an operational challenge,"said Chris Petry, BJWSA's Chief Operations Officer. "The amount and type ofalgae can change daily. The conditions we face today are different than what wefaced earlier this week, and could be different tomorrow. We'll adjust ourmitigation efforts as changes occur in our source water."{}

Several plans of action were put into place in the last week which may help improve the water.{}

Officials say{}customers in NorthernBeaufort County -- including Port Royal, Burton, Beaufort, Lady's Island, St. Helena Island -- and near the Plant -- including Callawassie, Spring Island, parts of Okatie -- are affected.{}

"Weare committed to fixing this problem as soon as possible, and we're dedicatedto finding long-term solutions for minimizing taste and odor events," said EdSaxon, BJWSA's General Manager.

The company says it has hired an outside consultant to check the system and make recommendations for improvements.{}